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Tuman Zhumabaev

Tuman Zhumabaev

We can find a quality in Tuman Zhumabaev's paintings that is rare nowadays-the combination of a powerful temperament with subtle and delicate technique. Put these together with a thorough trainig and a willingness to explore new paths, and you have a good foundation for success  and originality.

Zhumabaev has become a universal artist. He may limit himself to three classical forms-portrait, landscape and still life, but he works within these genres with enough freedom to express abstract metaphorical depths as a traditional representation. When Zhumabaev paints from the nature he enriches a quickly seized impression with a compositional structure and leaves the sort of palpable painterly surface which, in the 20th century, we saw in Cezanne. This happens even in paintings which, at first sight,seem to be light-hearted and almost as transparent as watercolours.

 Looking at the refined trace which he leaves on the canvas-thick or delicate and transparent, with its extraordinary  harmonies of colour and tone, we can detect the influence of the impressionists. There's an influence, but but it newer becomes imitation and a unique artistic value of its own.

Michail German.

Professor, Doctor of Art History, Member of the Academy of Human Sciences and the International Association of Art Critics.

Head of the scientific Staff at the Russian Museum.












 Zhumabaev's  paintings are exhibited in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Iran, France and China. The works are in the National Public Museum and private collections. Among collectors of paintings by this famous artist is a Russian president - Vladimir Putin. Talented painters participated in more than 60 art exhibitions.

Major exhibitions:

1996 - "The Light of Rembrandt". Personal exhibition in a private gallery, Austria

2004 - personal exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

2005 - The exhibition "Roads of the Argonauts", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2006 - Solo exhibition of paintings in the Days of Culture of St. Petersburg in Isfahan, Iran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran

2006 - branch of the State Hermitage Museum - Menshikov Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 - A joint exhibition of the Chinese artist He Shuyfa "The color is not a color" in the days of Russian culture in China. Russian-Chinese project in the hypocrite, China

2007 - personal exhibition "Misty Rhapsody" in the Sixth International Competition of Young Singers of Elena Obraztsova, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 - personal exhibition of portraits of the stars of French cinema at the festival "Days of St. Petersburg Culture" in Paris

2012 - exhibition "Two views" with the artist Klim Lee Gallery Art House, St. Petersburg, Russia