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Eduard Panov

Eduard Panov

Eduard Panov – is a famous Russian painter, a member of the Union of Moscow artists since 1985. He was born in Chelyabinsk in the South Ural. His father was an artist-restaurateur Porfiry Panov, a pupil of famous artists Meshkov and Grabar. He showed his artistic talent since a very young age. Since his childhood he could hear such names as Leonardo da Vinchi, Rubens, Rembrandt, Levitan and others and he couldn’t help inheriting the love for art and painting. E. Panov got an artistic education, he finished school and college of arts where he has been studying realistic manner of painting. Later in 1972 he graduated from the artistic department of Moscow Technological University.
The artist paints “pure” nature and with the help of his works he proves the value of ordinary nature around us.
Eduard  Panov works much painting different landscapes. He enjoys painting still life, sometimes portraits. You can feel a gaily expectation of a day in the morning and a light sadness of saying good-bye to it in the evening. These two different states of nature are shown not only with the help of light and colors but also by the manner of execution. The painter analyses a lot both in his landscapes and still life, he can create an emotional image by means of colors. He’s got a surprisingly clear and plastic artistic language. The painter never deforms an object, he’s never casual with details, he hasn’t got any “unworked” places on a canvas. The main idea of his creation is a considered composition and the accuracy and neatness of his paintings. The artist is so keen on his creation that he can always find an inspiration and picture motives even if a place is boring at the first sight.
The painter travels a lot, he exhibits his pictures at Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions. His personal exhibitions were held in: Moscow (1983), Poland 1984 (Warsaw, Gdansk, Zelena Gura), Czech Republic 1985 (Prague, Brno, Bratislava), Germany 1987 (Berlin), India 1989 (Deli, Calcutta, Madras), Finland 1990 (Helsinki), Poland 1993 (Warsaw), Marocco 1994 (Rabat, Casablanca), Moscow 1998, Luxemburg 2000 and 2001, 2004. Germanyn 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, Cyprus 2002, 2003.
In 1994 his exhibition was entirely bought by Polish museum of art. A lot of foreign exhibitions were organized by Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation which the painter has been dealing with for a long time.
In May 2002 Russian President`s spouse L.Putina and the minister of culture Shvidkoi have attended Eduard Panov`s personal exhibition in Berlin. One of his pictures the artist has presented as a gift to missis L.Putina.
His works are presented in museums of Russia, Poland, in many foreign private collections.
Following the tradition Eduard gave all his knowledge and skills to his sons: Eduard junior who has graduated from the Russian Academy of Art in Moscow and Michael who is already a talented painter.
Lots of interesting articles and researches of his work can be found in Russian and foreign press.