After the rehearsalAfter the rehearsal

After the rehearsal

Artist: Larisa Eremeeva
Refined oil painting. Portet of a young girl asleep after a ballet rehearsal. This work of art created by young Russian artist Larisa Eremeeva participated in many exhibitions. The artist was inspired by the works of such famous artists as Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrets. It shows that beautiful dance is hard work that requires a lot of effort then relaxation. For this painting the artist used one of the real dancers who actually her friend and who was willing to sit for hours in front of her artist friend.
This picture is painted in pastel colors and framed.
Name: After the rehearsal
Artist: Larisa Eremeeva
Completion Date: 2012
Style: impressionism
Genre: portrait
Technique: oil on canvas
Material: oil, canvas
Frame: yes / baguette
Measurements: 100 x 60 cm
Status: available
Condition: contemporary