About us

The Art Antiques Gallery is a privately owned international gallery of fine art and antiques.

The Art Antiques Gallery registered and located in Sydney. Today operating out of our major salerooms in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Moscow, our gallery has an extensive stock room of over 500 art works, including museum quality art works, and conducts a lot of sales through our salerooms and on-line.

The Gallery was founded 10 years ago by a team of art historians, and their goal was to find truly magnificent and high-quality art objects and relics to offer them for collectors, museums and art amateurs.

Our mission:

*We keep in touch with a number of artists and collectors of art objects and antiques discovering truly gifted artists and acquainting them with the public when displaying their works in our gallery;

* we help collectors to select what they really need;

* we check all art objects originality;

*we check art objects quality and restore them now and then;

* we make art objects pre-sale preparation executing any and all appropriate documents;

* we are responsible for any purchased art object delivery to its buyers caring for such art object to be delivered on time and completely safe;

* we provide consultations to collectors regarding this or that art object.

We have specialists in every major area of art and collectables, and the depth of our specialists knowledge has enabled the company to offer the most discerning clients genuine pieces of art and exceptional collectables.